“Pamela helped me to appreciate the parts on my writing that came from my heart, the power of the honesty in the expression and she helped me to trust my own voice.”



“I feel more solid after having written something which I’ve read aloud to a group. It’s very affirming somehow.”



Pamela Post-Ferrante

Author photo © Mary Dineen

About Pamela Post-Ferrante
Eight surgeries and treatments for cancer spanned five years of my life in the 1990’s. The cancers came one at a time. I never thought there would be another. By the fourth diagnosis, I vowed that if I lived, I’d do what many have done before me, help others who have experienced cancer.
In creating the sessions of this book, I have tried to think of everything that would have made it better for me when I had cancer, and afterwards when I had no idea of what to do.
My further education, writing, teaching and the workshops I have lead, all prepared me, in the fullest way, to write this book, Writing and Healing: A Mindful Guide for Cancer Survivors.



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