“It has been good to be part of a group with similar health issues, writing from deep places within ourselves. It has given me a stronger sense of self.”


This book is lovingly designed with pictures of nature everywhere. It’s like a day in a garden; a walk on the beach. The book shares participant stories, drawings, group poems and explains the creative and scientific basis for many of the healing tools. It suggests exercises for between sessions and additional author and group writings. There are bibliography and internet resources. The book offers an Introduction to the components of the Sessions: Writing, Prompts, Story, Healing Themes, and Mindfulness.
It is a book with a Guide inside. The Guide tells step-by-step how to lead and follow the sessions. It has suggestions for how to gather a support group, guidelines for facilitators, as well as what materials will be needed.
In the Guide, the meditation, writing and sharing of these twelve sessions are held in the context of themes of healing. The sessions encourage: taking care of oneself, learning to be more mindful, present and joyful; releasing negativity and discovering freedom.
The book can be used in groups or alone. The guide tells how to do both. If you are alone, it is suggested that you find a “writing buddy,” for sharing. It is strengthening to hear and share your own words, and helpful to listen to another.
The twelve mindful meditations are in the guide, but also on a Meditation CD that comes with the book.

  • Those still under medical care when it feels good to be doing something positive in the midst of treatment.
  • Those who have completed treatment and suddenly find themselves wondering, “What do I do now?” Being released from medical care is a relief, but one also gets caught back up in the frantic pace of life with little time for self-care.
  • Cancer survivors who want to form their own groups.
  • Cancer survivors who want to write alone and share with a writing buddy.
  • Those professionals who would like a guide to lead Writings and Healing sessions for cancer survivors.

It is important to remember that this book is no substitute for
medical check-ups, tests or other medical treatments.