Creating What I Couldn’t Find

In creating the sessions of this book, I have tried to think of everything that would have made it better for me when I had cancer, and afterwards when I had no idea of what to do.


I first wanted to create a community of healing, for I had the experience of people treating me differently and avoiding me the more difficult my life became and the more I needed connection.  Many didn’t know what to say or do.  It was easier for them to go on with the friends who were healthy.  After the third and fourth diagnosis, very few people were left.  My husband, too, was gone by then.  But even when you are lucky enough to have an abundance of friends and family, they still don’t understand how cancer can change your life.

(EXCERPTED FROM Writing & Healing: A Mindful Guide for Cancer Survivors)


Did, or has, your community changed while undergoing treatment?



Do you need more support?

Writing the Blank Page

For the past year, I’ve been editing my own book, Writing and Healing: A Mindful Guide for Cancer Survivors: two, three, four, five to ten times through. I like to edit, to tighten a sentence so that it’s meaning is just right. It’s like cleaning out a drawer – what’s not needed you pluck and toss. There is order: everything is in its right place. The nice thing is that written words don’t get out of order again like a drawer.


I love words; to find them in the air and make them permanent on the page, but editing my own words over and over is like weeding a garden, not like the joy of watching a flower unfold its petals.


Just writing this, I feel a pleasant ease in my body, as if there has been a long line of words clamoring for release. I feel great. I can still write; make something from nothing. But can I still make up a story. How will I do “writing the blank page?”