Care-Taker Take Care

"Pamela has composed one of the loveliest writing-to-heal books for people living with cancer that could be imagined."

-John Fox, CPT;
President of
The Institute
for Poetic Medicine



I am a terrific Caretaker, but taking care of myself is unnatural to me.  Self-Care is hard to do alone.  There should be groups for it, like weight watchers with the points and the choices and victory or, too bad but try again.  For Self-Care their could lists of be specific things to and not to do each day.


Self-Care goes against something deep in me.  When I am really honest I think that resting will cost me time. Time for what?  Time to get it all done.


What is it? Finish my two books waiting to be edited. Time to market my published book—but that feels like pouring my time into a bucket with holes in the bottom.


And then there are the grandchildren. That’s not a matter of time but of heart. Being with them is good for my heart. Their hearts.  To rest instead of seeing them puts time over love.


Then, there is a voice that says, “If you don’t rest you might lose time forever?  Does this voice speak because I have had cancer?


Cancer makes me remember that I have put together a whole session in my book on Self-Care. That’s what I need to do.  Do the session with the meditation CD in my book, Writing and Healing: A Mindful Guide for Cancer Survivors.  When I’m leading groups I am much more careful of myself.


I’m going to use the writing techniques from my book and see what I have to say next….


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