Lost: Important Words

"Pamela has composed one of the loveliest writing-to-heal books for people living with cancer that could be imagined."

-John Fox, CPT;
President of
The Institute
for Poetic Medicine


I am blogging about whatever ails me or assists me using the Sessions of my book for all Healing and not just cancer.



CD track 2, “The Breath and Writing in Stillness”


“Breathe it (the breath) out, so that you can be still and in this way move closer to your important words.”


I can’t find my important words. Have I misplaced them?  I can no longer hear them, not even a whisper….. Have they moved so far away because of my neglect of meditation and breath-work?


My back, with its strains and pains was better last weekend.  I even got into my car for the first time in almost two weeks.  I only drove to buy gas and a roasted chicken for dinner.  But what a happy drive.  I felt freed.  I was out in the world.  Alive! Later, I took a walk outside along the river—not too far—just far enough to feel a surprising, out of nowhere, wild wind on my face.  It felt like a bit of grace.


wind in the tress



Then, I went to the physical therapist the next day and the exercises he gave me made me much worse.  My back in spasm.  I had been about to post the blog about being freed when I was returned to captive.



cave image



I will use the meditations in my book to help find some words about my injured back.  Writing has always helped.  Breathing has always helped.





Here are the words that came after the drawing.


Finding words


And the writing…..


“Stillness, after out-breath number twenty, is like softly pooling water soothing my pain.  I also seem to have released the negative thoughts I was sure would come.


To find pleasure instead of complaint; to have pain and anger washed away is all I want.”




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