Rose Prompt

"Pamela has composed one of the loveliest writing-to-heal books for people living with cancer that could be imagined."

-John Fox, CPT;
President of
The Institute
for Poetic Medicine


Here I am.  The prettiest of them all. More wonderous than the leaves on my climbing vine, more colorful than the grass at my feet.


I haven’t always been like this. Once a tiny dark seed,  I was  just a promise of something glorious.  And before that I was  genetically engineered to be just the right mix of red and gold.


But here I am, and you’d think I’d be happy, but I’m bored.  I want adventure and freedom from this vine and, well, I want exactly what I don’t have.  Isn’t that normal?  Who wants to be a glorious rose all the time?   Leave a comment.  What would you want to be?  You could start..”I want to be…”

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