The Healing Power of Writing

"Pamela has composed one of the loveliest writing-to-heal books for people living with cancer that could be imagined."

-John Fox, CPT;
President of
The Institute
for Poetic Medicine

Prompting the Healing Power of Writing


For the next few months I will be talking about writing and healing as a guest blogger at I post there about every six weeks.


The folks at love my book and see it, as I do, as being all about healing.  It could be used by any group or person, but since I am a cancer survivor, I chose to offer it to this population.


The blogs focus on the Sessions in my book, Writing & Healing: A Mindful Guide for Cancer Survivors.  As well, they will include a short exercise.


Just posted is my second guest blog post, “Prompting the Healing Power of Writing” It can be found here.


To follow will be “Healing Breath”in August.


The first blog post is “Writing & Healing: Using Mindfulness and Creativity to Become Whole Again“. Please check it out here.




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