“This was a wonderful workshop, reminding me of the value of writing and giving me hope that it could really be a transformative and healing tool for me.”


“The more I write, the lighter I feel, as if the stories — the heaviness of my history — fall from my shoulders one by one.”


“No matter how depleted I felt, or how exhausting my day had been, I always looked forward to this group … and, I always left feeling renewed and energized.”


“I developed a unique bond with the others. Through our writing, we shared more than some friends share in a lifetime.”


Workshops and EventsWorkshops and EventsWorkshops and Events

Workshop and Events

Workshops can be for cancer survivors or for those professionals wanting to lead the sessions.

  • Each of the twelve sessions are two hours.
  • A morning can be two sessions separated by a break.
  • An entire day can be four sessions with breaks and lunch.
  • A weekend can go through the first six sessions.
  • Two weekends for the twelve. Time for training questions and answers.

Trainings can follow any workshop with discussion on how to run the group.

  • This can be done on its own or after experiencing a session (best way).
  • Can follow any workshop with a training discussion on how to run the groups.
  • Trainings involve questions and answers and modeling how a leader might handle a situation.


Upcoming and Past Events

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